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Jan L. Mayes has been writing and blogging horror fiction and tinnitus-hyperacusis non-fiction for over 10 years. Her background in linguistics, audiology and adult education—combined with over 30 years of experience coping with ghosts, hyper ears and plotting murders—have given her a broad base from which to approach many topics.

She is an international Eric Hoffer Award winner for non-fiction Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox (2010, 2012) on how to cope with tinnitus-hyperacusis, and is currently a member of The Writer’s Path writing club. Her writing has been featured at Tinnitus Today, Communique, silencity.com and The Horror News Daily. Jan lives in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. She enjoys reading, cookies and deadheading, as should all right thinking people.

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Current Projects:

  • Tinnitus Toolbox-Hyperacusis Handbook non-fiction.
  • Fear Flash Anthology horror paranormal fiction.


Bachelor of Arts. Double major in Speech Sciences & Linguistics. University of British Columbia.
Master of Science. Audiology, University of British Columbia.
Certified & Registered Audiologist.
Diploma in Adult Education. British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Books, Articles, Guest Blogs:

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