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I am an Eric Hoffer Award winning author for exceptional writing.

I also blog about hyper ears and my macabre horror fiction stories including free quick reads (flash fiction 50 – 1500 words).

I’ve had hyper ears [tinnitus and hyperacusis] since 1986, and am an audiologist and educator. I wrote the best-selling Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox (2010, 2012) describing tinnitus and hyperacusis coping tools and how to use them from free self-help to professional therapy approaches. 2017 version in progress.

I’ve stalked Hyper Ears World for over 30 years. Something can be done. I’ve turned into a hyper ears activist, trying to raise awareness about hyper ears, coping tools and problems that need fixing for our community.

I live in the Pacific Northwest of Canada with my family, two dogs and two cats. I like deadheading, needlework and eating cookies.

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Doctor Bell Anthology: Tinnitus Terror Tales © 2017 Jan L. Mayes

Napkins: A Short Horror Story © 2016 Jan L. Mayes

Gossamer: A Poetry Collection  © 2016 Jan L. Mayes

Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox © 2010, 2012 J. L. Mayes

Mayes, J. L. (Winter 2011). My 25th Tinnitus Anniversary. Communique Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists, 14.

Mayes, J. L. (Spring 2011). Tinnitus Triage. Communique Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists, 22-23.

Born, D. (2010). A Q & A Session with J. L. Mayes. Tinnitus Today, American Tinnitus Association, 25; 3, 14-15.

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