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Once you choose hope, anything is possible.
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My name is Jan, and I’m Canadian. I am a writer and blogger living with various chronic invisible conditions including tinnitus (ear noise), sound sensitivity and fibromyalgia (fatigue and widespread pain). I was raised near the ocean and snow-capped mountains of beautiful North Vancouver British Columbia, and still make my home in the Vancouver area. In no particular, order my interests include cookies, chocolate, reading, painting, mahjong, bird watching, cats, Sims medieval, playing piano, nordic walking, and stomach drumming. I am married with two lovely children and two dogs named Mr. Fluffy and Dingo.


I have been called the Queen of Tinnitus Trivia. I am a Registered Audiologist with the British Columbia College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals, a Certified Audiologist with the Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists, and have a diploma in adult education from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I worked for several years writing educational materials and teaching health and safety classes. I have also attended various tinnitus management seminars over the years including Progressive Tinnitus Management workshops delivered by Dr. James Henry. I am not currently available to offer tinnitus therapy.


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