Online Resources for Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

These links to free online resources include research, coping information, peer support, prevention, and social media, mainly related to tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance. This includes pain (hyperacusis), dislike or hate (misophonia), and fear (phonophobia) of everyday sounds that don’t affect people with typical hearing health. I can’t recommend or endorse specific resources. I hope […]

Protecting Hearing for Life

As a member (retired status) of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada, I was honoured to have my article featured in Communique for World Hearing Day, 2022. The title and content of Protecting Hearing for Life reflects this year’s theme of, “To hear for life, listen with care.” In summary, our modern society exposes us to harmfully […]

Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Emergency Lifelines

This is a list of suicide prevention resources. If you’re struggling with depression or distress and thinking of hurting yourself, you are not alone. There are millions of people around the world trying their best to cope with tinnitus and hyperacusis. Resources include live chat and helplines or lifelines to call or text. If you […]

Personal Listening Systems are Likely Unsafe at any Sound

I was excited to have a second paper published in The Hearing Journal, co-authored with Dr. Daniel Fink of The Quiet Coalition. We’re trying to raise awareness about personal listening risk in this paper titled: Personal audio systems unsafe at any sound. Safer listening behaviours and device warnings about unsafe listening levels are likely not […]

Blowing Leaves

Silvia’s stomach flipped as she ran to answer the front door. Through the glazed window panes, she saw a dark silhouette with a peaked cap. The police emblem slightly brighter than the surrounding material. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Pasting on a smile. “Is Harvey here?” asked the officer. “He won’t […]

Too Loud Article in The Hearing Journal

I was very excited to have an article published in The Hearing Journal. The title is Too loud: Noise exposure in everyday life is causing hearing loss. I co-authored this with my colleague Daniel Fink, MD, Chair of The Quiet Coalition in the USA. To sum it up, our modern world is so full of […]

Tinnitus Q & A

I did my best to answer a hard question in the Summer 2021 issue of Tinnitus Today: Tinnitus can be unsettling, but it is seldom a sign of serious disease. It’s on page 30 of this issue. Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin

The Danger in Headphones

I was honoured to be included in the Hearing Health Foundation Summer 2021 Entertainment issue. My article is on the danger in headphones.  It includes tips on how to lower the risk with safer listening habits. Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin

Merfolk Hope

Every chance  I swam undersea  Arms aside   Thighs tight   Feet ballet 1  Uncut hair streaming  Hoping against hope   Merfolk mermen mermaids swam upon me  Saved me away to Mer kingdom   Forever  I longed to breathe  Mer wet salt air  Losing hope  Age 12…13  Yet  Still peek for mermaids mermen merfolk  Hope undersea Share on twitter […]

Unsafe at any Sound: Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Personal Audio System Users

This is the second of two papers I co-wrote with my colleague Dr. Daniel Fink of The Quiet Coalition. It was accepted in Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics and is now open access and free to share. This paper reviews personal audio system or personal listening device risk to auditory health from loud sound output. […]