Noise Risk

Protecting Hearing for Life

As a member (retired status) of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada, I was honoured to have my article featured in Communique for World Hearing Day, 2022.

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Blowing Leaves

Silvia’s stomach flipped as she ran to answer the front door. Through the glazed window panes, she saw a dark silhouette with a peaked cap.

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Tinnitus Hyperacusis Toolbox

Tinnitus Q & A

I did my best to answer a hard question in the Summer 2021 issue of Tinnitus Today: Tinnitus can be unsettling, but it is seldom

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Personal Listening

The Danger in Headphones

I was honoured to be included in the Hearing Health Foundation Summer 2021 Entertainment issue. My article is on the danger in headphones.  It includes

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Merfolk Hope

Every chance  I swam undersea  Arms aside   Thighs tight   Feet ballet 1  Uncut hair streaming  Hoping against hope   Merfolk mermen mermaids swam upon me  Saved

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