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When did you start writing fiction?

Since I was a child. I like playing with words and inventing new worlds. Fiction frees me to be creative and imaginative.

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What type of writer are you?

My stories tend to be creepy or horrific with a dash of dark humour. Paranormal occasionally apparates into some stories.

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What process do you use for writing?

I start with an idea of what I want to write, but usually the end result is very different since dramatic changes happen along the way. Especially when the characters come to life and start speaking for themselves. Sometimes I’m simply writing down what’s happening in my mental movie. For the final draft of a tale, I get to the tedious business of re-writes and editing. Ugh.

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Are you fast at writing books?

No. Between other priorities and my health conditions, I don’t write as fast, as much, or as often as I would like. I need lots of rest breaks. Usually I write on a laptop. Sitting on the couch with my feet up, my dogs or cats snuggled close by. And a cup of tea.

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Who are your favourite authors?

I like an eclectic variety of books. Some of my favourite authors include Margaret Atwood, Richard Adams, Minette Walters, Suzanne Collins, Stephen King, Charlotte Bronte, George R. R. Martin, Ron McLarty, Jane Austen, Patrick Ness, Jodi Picoult, Beatrix Potter, Diana Gabaldon and Ransom Riggs.


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