• I appreciate you sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

    April 18, 2012
    • You have the right idea. I have tinnitus & have since I was born. I did the exact same thnigs that you have described & it does work. When I was a child to get to sleep I would have my tape player under my pillow & listen to it while going to sleep.You are the only one that I have come across that actually gives good advice on how to cope with the constant ringing. Thank You. I get irritated when people spout rubbish without even having Tinnitus & telling us what they think it is.

      October 29, 2012
    • Why would you bother? There are most leilky doctors/specialist better in your own country. Btw there is no known cure for Tinnitus according to my specialist but there are ways to get relief in order to cope with the symptoms. Tinnitus usually comes about from losing your hearing whether by accident/injury,infections, loud noises i.e. doing roadworks without protection, I was born with nerve damage to my ears so I have had Tinnitus all my life.

      October 31, 2012
      • You’re right, there’s no cure. The goal is T management. Btw T doesn’t usually come from losing hearing. Some people have hearing loss and T. Lots of people have T and normal hearing. Take care, Jan

        November 01, 2012
  • This publication has inspired me to start writing on my own blog

    March 29, 2012
    • tinnitus toolbox

      That’s great! Jan

      April 07, 2012

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