Gossamer: A Poetry Collection

A Poetry Collection

Author: Jan L. Mayes

Category: Poetry

Publication Date: November 30, 2016

Pages: 46

ASIN: B01MYUO90Y ebook

Price: $0.99 ebook

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Gossamer: A Poetry Collection



A mix of love, heartache, joy and sadness.

Excerpt: Moonstruck

I watched the moon levitate
Trapped in wonder on the shore
As it shimmered
A golden pathway
To my feet.

What if other upturned eyes
Are storing that peaceful glow
Shared vision
A magnet between us
When we meet?

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About the Author

Jan L. Mayes is a horror fiction and non-fiction international Eric Hoffer Award winning author, blogger and audiologist specializing in tinnitus-hyperacusis. Jan has had tinnitus and hyperacusis for over 30 years. She wrote horror fiction Doctor Bell Anthology :Tinnitus Terror Tales and Tinnitus Treatment ToolboxHer writing has been featured at Tinnitus Today, Communique, silencity.com and The Horror News Daily. In addition to another horror fiction anthology, she is also working on Tinnitus Toolbox: Hyperacusis Handbook with expected publication date in 2018.

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It made me smile. It made me cry.


Makes you think. I liked it.


­­An interesting mix.


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