Regretfully Invited

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Regretfully Invited

Mature content not appropriate for young or sensitive readers.

Author: Jan L. Mayes

Category: Horror

Publication Date: Jan 5, 2018

Pages: 49 [12,000 words]

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Regretfully Invited Synopsis

Why do left feet keep washing ashore?

Find out the answer to this question and more with this 13 story bundle of creepy, horror micro-stories and flash fiction. No zombies, vampires, or werewolves. Delve into disturbingly different quick tales of murder, madness, and mayhem. Contained in a menacing atmosphere where all is not right in the world.


4 stars. Entertaining. I enjoyed some of her stories more than others. The marionette was the best! The grim descriptions of each of her characters was just enough. Her writing is simple and concise. It flows very smoothly and is not overly gorey. I also thought the cover art was exceptional. Let’s hear more from the doctor..


­­4 stars, Short stories that leave you wanting more. Some of these hooked me so much that I wished they were full length novels. The foot mystery was my favorite.

Included in this bundle:

Double Vision
Based on real events, where midnight visitors could be sinister or a quirk of vision.

Tubsy & The Trauma of Oz
Based on real life hideously shocking consequences of letting a girl’s favourite dolly perform in the school play.

The Grave of Gelert
Based on a visit to the real Gelert’s Grave in Wales, a tribute to the memory of when hasty deadly action brought sorrow.

Mary Annette
Based on the most terrifying teleporting real life marionette ever rejected by a child.

Tinnitus Study 421: Rotary
A 50 word flash fiction experiment that inspired the optimistic psychopath Doctor Bell.

Regretfully Invited
When an audiologist knows too much about Doctor Bell’s tinnitus cure experiments, he takes an unorthodox approach to eliminating them as a witness.

Inspired by real events where left feet keep washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest, but police have no idea who they belong to or where they came from.

Dreams of Debbie
Based on real events after the death of a sister, when a dream may be more than a dream.

Eye Eclipse
A father uses a rare solar eclipse for revenge, inspired by real events when a bystander videos a fatal accident instead of trying to save the child.

Based on nightmares of an alien apocalypse, where oversleeping has deadly consequences.

Dad’s Death Bells
Based on real events after the death of a father, who might have ghosted back to give a murderous message or last good-bye.

Cofveve Pie
A Mom’s desperate plan to prevent her daughter’s wedding by serving the fiancé a “special dessert”, inspired by real events and the mystery of what cofveve means.

Inspired by a big brother who decides to take things into his own hands to protect his sister from Mother’s abuse, but things don’t turn out exactly as planned.

About Jan L. Mayes

Jan L. Mayes has been writing and blogging horror fiction and tinnitus-hyperacusis non-fiction for over 10 years. Her background in linguistics, audiology and adult education—combined with over 30 years of experience coping with ghosts, hyper ears and plotting murders—have given her a broad base from which to approach many topics.

She is an international Eric Hoffer Award winner for non-fiction Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox (2010, 2012) on how to cope with tinnitus-hyperacusis, and is currently a member of A Writer’s Path writing club and The Ladies of Horror Fiction. Jan lives in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. She enjoys reading, cookies and deadheading, as should all right thinking people.

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