Merfolk Hope

Every chance  I swam undersea  Arms aside   Thighs tight   Feet ballet 1  Uncut hair streaming  Hoping against hope   Merfolk mermen mermaids swam upon me  Saved me away to Mer kingdom   Forever  I longed to breathe  Mer wet salt air  Losing hope  Age 12…13  Yet  Still peek for mermaids mermen merfolk  Hope undersea Share on twitter […]

Dream Machines

I dream of a machine wired brain to brain they hear exactly what I hear   I dream of a machine potato head inspired ears snap off new snap on rewired brain   Silence Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on linkedin

Lost and Found

lost body gnawing away my life ear cacophony murderous migraines bleeding achilles heels rusty joints pierce shards of glass aching to stride care free energy obliteration wasted horizontally zombie daze abandoned lost found courage battle on bound braced together no auxiliary parts fool’s gold disguises compassion accommodates barricades fragmented ever praying for acceptance resurrection hope […]