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Why write a book on tinnitus when you still have tinnitus?

Knowledge is power. I wrote this book to help give people easy to read information and ideas on what can be done to manage from day to day until scientists find the cure. My understanding of tinnitus management has grown because of the ongoing work of researchers and advocates including Dr. Robert Folmer, Dr. Jonathan Hazell, Dr. James Henry, Dr. Deborah Lain, Ms. Carol Lau, Ms. Suzanne Maclaren, Dr. Stephen Nagler, Ms. Glynnis Tydball, and the late Dr. Jack Vernon.

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Why a toolbox?

Without a cure, people usually manage a chronic condition best when they follow medical therapy but also find and use non-medical therapies. These are the tools in a toolbox: a combination that suits each person’s individual needs. Some tools will be in a lot of toolboxes. Others will be less common. Some tools will be used daily. Others will stay in the toolbox ready for flare-ups. Some tools don’t help, and don’t make it into the toolbox. Knowing what doesn’t work is as valuable as knowing what works.

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What’s in your personal toolbox?

I have different sounds, devices and mental strategies along with trying to live healthy. I’m always on the lookout for new coping tools to try, except I avoid “cures”.

Is there any tool you would never use?

Dangerous ear candling or coning.

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Can people book an appointment with you?

No. I’m on disability.

Can you recommend a clinic offering tinnitus management services?

No. Some people get by fine with self-help. Some need more help and may end up with one or more care providers (e.g. family doctor, ear doctor, audiologist, psychologist or talk therapist. Some people only need one educational counselling tinnitus session. For additional tinnitus therapy, clinic choice depends on how distressed you are, and what management options are available where you live. Be informed (e.g. therapy type, cost, scientific evidence basis, potential benefit, time, effort, can appointments be done by phone or e-mail, etc.).



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